Rediscover the body in which you were born.

Wendy Waggener
Alexander Technique
-People living with chronic pain
-Instrumental musicians to increase ease of movement and quality of sound
-Vocalists to release tension and improve breathing
-Athletes to improve efficiency and performance
-Pregnant and post-partum women to experience an easier pregnancy and a quicker recovery
-Anyone who would like to experience ease and natural movement in their daily lives
Group classes are a very effective way to improve the skills of your music ensemble, knitting group, bicycle or running club, especially to reduce absences and workers comp claims in office settings. Call or email to set up a workshop for your group.
Discover greater ease and poise
Wendy is a specialist in movement re-education. This bodywork technique teaches you about the design of your body and helps you become aware of unnecessary patterns of tension that can result in pain and fatigue. It helps you move with greater ease and efficiency, making everyday activities more comfortable.

During a session, you will move as you do normally and we will pay attention to inefficiencies and discomfort you may experience. Using light touch, we will explore your body's learned habits and discover new, more effective ways of moving. This can be done while walking, sitting, lying on the table, playing an instrument, demonstrating a dance move, practicing martial arts, or any other activity you would like to improve.

Lessons focus on self-care strategies so you can recognize what triggers your habits and how to change your habitual response. By focusing on how you are during any activity, you increase the sensitivity of your nervous system. When you learn to recognize and release tension, you experience greater comfort and mind-body coordination during your everyday activities.
Who takes lessons?
Wendy Waggener ® Claremont,CA 91711